Problem in Matrix Bandwidth

I am having problem in understanding the Matrix bandwidth problem in March '17 long challenge. It would be very helpful if someone explained how to calculate the bandwidth in the first example and in general, as I cannot understand it.
Thank you.

Dear, I am afraid but any such Q is not actually allowed in the discuss forum. The rules mention that such cases should be reported in the “COMMENTS” section of the problem, and rest assured, the problem setter/moderator/concerned person WILL PERSONALLY clarify your doubt.

However, asking/discussing things on problems on forum during live contest is not allowed. Hope this clarifies your doubt. Please ask your Q in comments section of problem :slight_smile:


You will be disqualified from the contest if admin will see that post. So i suggest you to delete this and ask in comment section of the question.

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I requested author to explain how come the bandwidth of matrix is 2 in question but nobody replied.

@omjego search it through google, or youtube whatever you can. It’s easy. See examples given on question and generalize the pattern.

@omjego - I cannot see any comment on that Q. Are you sure you posted a comment? I think its not posted due to internet issues. Try again.

@vijju123 i think you have not work more in contest. If you, then have to know that comment will only be visible after checking the validness by the author

@bansal1232 - Yes, i don’t have much experience in codechef contests’ comments feature, except on what to write.

hmmm. i can understand. you always remain online here, i think 18*7 hours

@bansal1232- What is that supposed to mean? Yes, I spend a good time in forums, there is a lot to learn. What point do you want to make?

Nothing. Just keep doing…

Everything ok?

We have answered all the comments in the problem thread as frequently as possible. Kamil has added detailed explanations in the comments section if you are still not able to understand the problem. Please don’t use discuss platform for such discussion about a live contest.

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Ok, now I have understood it. Sorry for posting my query here.Should I delete this post?

No need as dpraveen has already replied here so this post would be the lesson for other coders to not make this mistake again