problem in accessing

the link to short contest is not opening this is the link

They are facing some technical issues, so there will be slight delay in the kick-off for June Cook-Off 2014. They are working on it and shall be back soon.

there is some problem :frowning:
too heavy traffic …

I think there was a DDOS attack on the site. If not it could be heavy traffic due to vacation month. :slight_smile: Hope they fix it soon.

till what time should we wait ? or is it cancelled already ?

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then it is already unfair to others

i dont think so if the page isnt loading how can they submit the codes!!!

website is down now…:frowning:

IT is open!!!


its back… :slight_smile:

its up guys :))))

Happy coding, yeah right. Especially to everyone who got lucky and opened the easiest problem earlier, gaining an immensely lower time penalty (about 40 minutes?).