Problem In a Contest.

In a contest named ’ codeERA ’ I have submitted a problem’s solution yesterday . The I got Accepted verdict . But Today when I logged in I saw I got RTE error verdict . Why this type of problem happened ? The constraint and the question description is same as was yesterday. I have personally checked all my verdict along real constraint they looks like ok . Please help me out .

Problem name : Factorial .

link :

they have updated the test cases for some problems with the strong ones!
Recheck your code… must be missing some boundary cases.

I checked my code for real constraint . the last constraint is 100 . and I have checked it and it is Ok with my code . so why this is happend??

Here is my Code :
It seems Ok … But I Can’t understand why RTE ?

You must be storing the calculated factorial in an integer variable.

HINT : Use an array to store the digits of the factorial, then your submission can’t be rejected.