Problem Cant be view

Why there is problem in cook off ?? A problem arises once again in cook off


Yup. Same problem here


Its due to server load man, huge number of submissions.

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it disturb alot

but they will extend the contest time, till then, think of the solution! :smiley:

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every time !! :frowning: :frowning: happens this sh** in cook-offs

@brobear :smiley:

Please post problems somewhere…

@All, The problems are visible. However, To control the queue of submissions, we have stopped the submissions till 12:00 am IST. We will also be extending the contest and will announce the extension time soon.

Kindly be with us.


Previous submission’s result not generated how can we go on next question or generate a new logic it took 25 min to execute

Directi is a multi million dollar industry, should do something for code-chef engine :frowning:

exactly, The main challenge in cookoff is to keep one’s patience, rather than submitting the solutions for 15 mins I cant submit the solution and now the problem can’t be viewed…:confused:

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@admin The problems aren’t visible.

@admin problems are not visible

Yes, I am also having the same problem - I cannot open the problem statements anymore - it says that the problem can’t be viewed now.

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how can the solution be thought of without knowing the question?

@admin still not visible

same here I can’t view the questions. So how to submit???