Probelm - Pair them up.

Q) There are “A” boys and “B” girls on a dance floor. The floor is a grid of dimension N*N. The initial coordinates of all them are given to you.
They want to come in pair for the dance(1 boy- 1 girl), and every person has a comfort radius, ie. the max. distance (euclidean distance) he/she will travel from his/her source to find a partner. Given this, you as a programmer have to minimize the no. of people which are left out. Print least no. of people that are left out.

Constraint -
1 <= A, B <= 300
1 <= N <= 1e5
1 <= x[i], y[i], r[i] <= N

Input -
N, A, B
The first A lines have boy_x[i], boy_y[i], boy_radius[i]
The next B lines have girl_x[i], girl_y[i], girl_radius[i]

Note - To harden the problem a tad bit, what we can do is make it a k-dimensional box.