prladdu showing wrong answer

my code is showing right answer on my pc but here its shows wrong answers
i have matched answers for various testcases with my friend …and we had same answers but her code was accepted and mine says wrong answer why?

there must be some case which you are missing … keep trying!!

Have a look through th input constraints and check if you aren’t assuimng anything or missing anything. Thats the only way you can go wrong if your code works fine according to you!

i dont get what to with those constrains? should i be checking the bounds of the values inserted everytime?and what do to if it does not match?

Nope you must be considering something pretty silly! Not supposed to tell though! But i think you are assuming something not given in the problem statement! I did the same -_- Think more! U myt be close!

i wish i could share my code over here…because i really cannot understand what to do now…the only thing that i have assumed is that we dont have to check if sum of D[i]'s is zero as it is gauranteed to us…if u cannot tell me what exactly could be wrong…can you please give me a test case where u got wrong answer because of your mistake…i might be doin the same