Prerequisites for hackathon

What are the prerequisite skills and knowledge needed for participating in codechef hackathon?

Hey @tintin_ ,

  • You need to know at least one programming language to implement your hack/application/software.
  • You should know some networking concepts and basics of HTTP so that you can utilise HTTP API.
  • You should also have some knowledge of OAuth 2.0
  • And the most important, A super-motivated team. :smiley: \m/

Other than this,

  • You need to know how to use Alibaba Cloud Resources, which you can checkout here

And, there will be help documents too.

Shall I be able to implement it using c++? @abhijeetpandey

@tintin_ Actually it depends on what you are going to make. Generally developers don’t use C++ when it comes to Hackathons. I would suggest to use Python if you are starting fresh, that would be easy for you to grasp and implement whatever you want. And you’ll also find good community support.

Which python library or framework I need to know for this?

@tintin_ you may use django or flask.

Is PHP, JavaScript allowed?

There is nothing which is disallowed. You can chose any language and Framework.