Preparation tips for ZCO.

Dear coders let me first tell you about my programming skills

(1) I can code in C & C++(i mean basic are clear but sometime i get stuck in arrays,strings & structures also i have very little knowledge about classes etc(i.e. OOP Concepts)).

(2) I know some basic algorithm techniques like Linear search,Binary search,Some basic sorting algorithms and a bit about Dynamic Programming & Graph Theory.

And now i want advice from you all about how should i prepare for ZCO, links to some websites will also be useful and welcomed.


For those who are not familiar with what ZCO is then let me tell you that its the 1st stage from which we Indian coders have to pass out to take part in IOI.

This might be of some help

You can start to solve problems topic wise from here:

Also a topic wise nice reference:


start practicing codechef easy practice questions and then move to medium bottom in the list of medium level section

Suggestions from ZCO qualifiers are most welcomed.