Practice Questions Have Been Removed

Why Are The Practice Questions Done By me Have Been Removed From My Account?


Forwarded the issue to @admin .

Same with me. Submissions to practice problems have also disappeared from the “Recent Activity” list.

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@admin please reply.

same with me

some new feature may be !

Mine too!!

Update: It was a mistake, they are working on fixing the issue. It will be resolved at earliest.


vijju what does <> this sign means after your username?

vijju123 <>

That I am a moderator now. :3


That catface in the end tho. XD

Do they select moderator based on karma or you had applied for the same?

Dont know honestly. :3 . Its just like a starter pokemon being chosen by some trainer :3 (Pokemon reference)

Good luck Pika Pi :3

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<0_0> I created this one!!

Congrats vijju123

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Thanks kunnu :smiley:

Congrats @vijju123 .You Are Always There For Help

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