Practice for past hiring challenges on Hackerearth.

I have stated online coding on hackerearth 2-3 years ago. There were many hiring challenges I participated and try to solve problems. Even though I wasn’t solve at that time, later I learn from it and again try to solve it in practice. The good thing about past hiring challenges were that after the challenge is over, they were moved to practice section so we can see them again and solve them, try to figure out the edge cases. But now I have noticed, most of the companies didn’t allow their challenge questions available even for practice after the contest is over. I think there are many learners who want to see where they have made mistake and where they can improve. I don’t know how to collaborative address this situation. If you think that this is a valid issue, then please help it to address and resolve this for all the learners like me. Thank you.

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issue seems genuine, but this is not the right place to report this.

I know that this might not be the correct place to address it but the thing is I have tried to search whether any forums like this are for Hackerearth but I was unable to find it. I could not think of any other place more appropriate. I would have send this issue directly to the hackerearth team but I they might not even consider as only 1 person is sending it. Can you tell if not here, where is this issue is more appropriate to be addressed? Thanks.

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As @swetankmodi said issue seems genuine, but this is not the right place to report this.

Try twitter. Tweet directly to Sachin (founder) and Hackerearth handles. If they don’t reply, try one time after a few days. If still not they don’t care.

But I don’t think they will do this.

Hackerearth’s main product is they sell packages to companies to ease their hiring process. I gave 2 such hiring competitions for different companies within a span of one week and guess what. Many MCQ’s and 1 coding question were similar. So what happens is hackerearth provides these problems as a product. Now if they start giving out these questions as practice, they will have to make new challenges for every competition which is a lot of work.

So what could be the workaround, I mean non-zero-sum-game in which learners get benefit as well as it doesn’t seem to be a burden on them also as I could understand a lot of new work for them. Any suggestions?

Maybe screenshot the question for later. And try solving it later. And then discuss the questions on similar forums like this one.