practice for good programing

  1. where should i practice for good programing codechef,codeforce or any other.

  2. how can i incrase my programing skill.

  3. what should i learn for good programing.

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Each platform has the uniqueness. Codechef is really very good platform if you want to be high skilled. Codeforces, HackerEarth, HackerRank, TopCoder, a2oj etc. are another available platforms to gain knowledge. The only way to learn something is try and try again. You can take tutorials on Codechef. HackerEarth also have very good collection of such tutorials. For exploring Data Structure and Algorithm, you can go to
The only thing required for good programming is your thinking and observation power and Algorithms.
Hope this helps!!!

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  1. It depends on what level of coder you are. Newbie, average or pro? If you are average, then codechef and codeforces should suit you nicely.
  2. Practice, Practice, Read editorial, Practice again.
  3. @vichitr answered it nicely.

You can also practice on UVa judge if you like . It will teach you various ways to take input .