Practice before contest.

Can we have some practice questions similar to questions in upcoming contest on codechef every month? What you think guys?
Should codechef bring this feature?

We already have a big practice session for that .

But it is not specific to which type of problems are going to be asked in contest. I mean to say that if there are few practice questions similar to question so be asked then we may get preliminary idea about question specially imp in short contests.

No. This is wrong on many levels.

  1. This isnt your university exam there there are some “V. Important topics” and some “leavable ones”. You must focus on overall development.
  2. Problems arent prepared that early that setters give “practice problem” as well.
  3. Very tough to implement it and simultaneously keep contest fair.
  4. Is a type of spoonfeeding which is bound to detoriate your skills.
  5. You can try practicing previous contest Q for a taste.
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Ok i understand. I just asked cause i have seen it in Hackerrank and it was useful. Thanks for answering.