[PR] C++ Grandmaster Certification Programming Assignment 1

22 Feb 2013 - San Francisco, CA - The CPPGM Foundation
(www.cppgm.org) released further news today about the C++
Grandmaster Certification, the free massively open online
course (MOOC) where you build your own C++ compiler,
standard library and toolchain for Linux x86-64.

It was reported that 10,000 programmers have enrolled in
the course including people from Intel[li], Stanford[],
[/li]Google[li], MIT[
], IEEE[], Harvard[], and many other
[/li]companies and educational institutions from all over the

CPPGM has been inundated with requests for more information
about the content of the course, so Programming Assignment 1
has been released as a public preview for free anonymous
download and review.

Programming Assignment 1 asks the participant to implement
the first three phases of translation as described in clause
2 of the C++ Standard (the preprocessors tokenizer).

The starter kit is available from:


By popular demand enrollments have been extended until 15
March. To enroll or for more information visit the course
web site at:


For press information contact support@cppgm.org


The CPPGM Foundation was formed by a software company that
recognized the value to programmer productivity that a good
knowledge of language mechanics had to new developers to
their team. The C++ Grandmaster Certification began
development as an internal training program, and the
foundation was founded to offer it publicly.

[li] Company and organizations names have been used without
[/li]permission and are property of their respective owners.


@tomazos : Thanks for the info . Does not the cpp grandmaster site has its own notifications emails system for registered participants for such events . Anyways thanks for telling that assignment 1 is announced .

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cppgm site mailed all the info :slight_smile:

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@amitupadhyay : I didn’t get mail from cppgm site , even though I am registered for the course .

check your spam :stuck_out_tongue: it came in my spam

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@amitupadhyay : I always check my spam when I check my mails and delete if spam is really a spam . So at the moment my spam is empty . Maybe I have deleted the email by mistake considering it a spam by subject line etc , or i didn’t get the mail at all . Anyways will get to know when next announcement is made . Do keep posted here about development in cppgm site . Thanks.

okay :slight_smile: ur welcome :slight_smile:

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Same here, didn’t get any notification(s).

Yeah received an email from the site . It was in spam , that is no worry .
Thanks .