possible case of cheating, please help!!

i used ideone to write code for the problem CAPPLE of DEC14 during the start of the contest, and after 20 mins of submitting my code, i noticed i had mistakenly left the code as public, and unfortunately, it had been forked twice!! This could be a possible case of cheating and could result in the deletion of my account or reduction in rating. Kindly suggest any steps to prevent this…
It is a very careless mistake on my part and i would be thankful if i get help from codechef on this issue…

hey @gvaibhav21

mail your complaint at feedback@codechef.com.

and please make an ideone account and use it only after setting visibility mode to private.

Hope you may not face any problem… Best of luck… :slight_smile:

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hi gvaibhav, Kindly send your case to help@codechef.com and we will take it into consideration at the time of plagiarism detection for DEC14.

what is meant by forked???

to copy you can say , actually the term is copied from unix processes .

but how can he say it it has been forked twice ?

fork() duplicates a process so after calling fork there are actually 2 instances of a program running.

that is what @gvaibhav21 meant by forked twice. :slight_smile:

it is written there on ideone , the number of times code is forked ,
every newinstance of a code is created by fork .

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fork is same word as for processes forking, but this is more like Git fork command, but I cannot be sure if this is real technical solution…

read it here :-

That’s for sure not this type of fork…

that is the same fork , how many instance of the same code is active is shown by the number of times code is forked :slight_smile:

No, they are not the same. There are plenty of definitions for the word ‘fork’. These are the two in question:

Fork (system call), a method of creating new processes by splitting running ones.

Fork (software development), when a piece of software or other work is split into two branches or variations of development.

As for the question, emailing them and submitting the users email/account that forked your code would clear you.

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we are comparing system call fork to the ideone fork (which have almost the same reference),
not the system call fork and git fork .

No, it’s not the same, @boldaslove is correct, just name is the same…

i dont want to say they are same , i just wanted to say that the fork word is derived from here and they work similarly , i think now i am clear :slight_smile:

i can see that this discussion has taken quite a different turn :). Indeed, @boldaslove is correct. fork (here) means simply that a copy of a code has been generated for using seperately. An new & independent URL is given to the forked copy of the code.