[Poll] Do you want an extension in Oct. Long??

We all know what issues Oct. long challenge faced. I made two comments one for the motion and other against the motion. Do upvote one of them.

Other soln can be discussed in comments.

Upd - I cannot vote. But My vote goes for end ASAP.

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I want an extension.

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Contest should end ASAP.


Maybe rolling back to the standings at the original end of the contest and ignore the challenge problem entirely could be an option?


I’d have voted for an extension, if this were any other long challenge. But this week is the Durga Puja week, and so I can’t utilise the extension at all. :frowning:

Why not just freeze submissions on everything other than the challenge problem.

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End Contest ASAP. Don’t count in submission for Challenge Problem. And Provide Ratings. One more thing don’t make this contest unrated XD