Points for practice problem

How do i know that a particular practice problem would fetch me points or not?
And whats the difference between practice and peer section?

What do you mean by “fetch me points”? Practice are CodeChef problems and peer are external contests (where quality is not guarantied).

might be he wants to say that whether the problem will award marks for subtasks or not

Points that would improve my rank.

you can improve your rank only by competing in long challenge , cook offs and lunch times .

peer section contains problem from external contests ,

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…and there are different rantings for each :wink:


In response to your second question,

PRACTICE section holds all the problems that was ever held on codechef in any contests including LONG,LUNCHTIME and also EXTERNAL contests.

PEER section contains problems from external/college contests that was hosted on codechef as a platform.

The other types in practice sections are EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, CHALLENGE and SCHOOL.

After completion on any LONG or SHORT (also known as COOK-OFF) contest, the problems are moved into practice section and classified into (according to their difficulty level) Easy, Medium or Hard

LunchTime contests are moved to school section after completion.

Note: all the problem solutions in practice sections are open to public.

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