Points for Practice on codechef

As other online coding site like hackerrank or topcoder etc. provides points for practice problems…Why not codechef provide??

Practice will be more fun if we get points/ranks(separate for practice) also for practice too…

What you think ?? please post your review or vote for this post if you think it is good…

It would be great but Codechef should make the submissions of other users and editorials too hidden until the user has solved the question by himself/herself or no points solving after seen others solution or partial points solving after seeing editorials… Hackerrank follows the same rule

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It would be great but Codechef should make the submissions of other users hidden until the user has solved the question by himself/herself. Hackerrank follows the same rule and Codeforces doesnot increase your rating if you solve practice problems.


if you think idea is good please vote for it…

Well idea is good but:-

-every user who do practice should be honest means do not create fake id and see solution then submit solution in original id to get good rank

-if codechef hide solution completely then it will be like SPOJ we will not able to do practice at all

-after sometime practice section rank will not make any sense it will lead frustration because you will be honest while practicing but a one who is weak in programming may cheat than he will be at better rank than you.

-also a headache for codechef it create extra load on server. COOK61 is epitome of this.

and also :-

-we want to do more practice to get good rank in practice section.

-we will spend more time on solving question than directly going for editorials.

-competition will last forever not only thrice(long,cook,lunch) in month.

-more number of coder’s will come to practice section.

BTW i am upvoting your question :slight_smile:


thanks for your suggestion @admin123

No , i think there shouldnt be, if points or ranks are awarded to it, then it will onl encourage more people to see / submit others/testers solution which is visble , practice problem should be done for learning purpose only.



but all solution will made hidden…without loosing marks you will not be able to see solution…

and ranking of practice are just points does not imply on actual contest ranking/rating…

@rcsldav2017.: Don’t take it wrong way but don’t you think that few things are better kept out of points/reputations/votes or things like that? Doesn’t that create pressure? Rather I think it’s great to have some problems which you can practice without thinking about points. I think this is a newcomer viewpoint…many will not agree with me.

Rather I will request admin of codechef’s to make some system where there will be points for writing good editorials. Most of the editorials seem quite hard to me frankly.

@admin123 What u said about cheating is right and i agree but I have one suggestion that(i guess) can work.
If the performance of the contest can be considered for practice points then the problem can be solved i.e. if a coder is solving a particular level of questions in practice then he should be able to solve ques of same level in the contest also. Then there will be very minute possibility that a cheater will be on top of a better coder.

PS: - I suggest that submissions must be visible for all as weak coders(who may not be able to solve a particular que) can have a look at any of the submissions of that que and learn from it(obviously they wont get points for that).

actually we have also discussed about making editorial easy…

use can see this also under "letter to codechef admin " point just go through too…

this is not pressure this is just to keep addidict to practice more and more…

any way your point is good…

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thanks …we will take some of ideas from here

will mail to codechef admin soon…

keep posting ideas and vote for this post…

@rcsldav2017.: Yes the letter points out what I have said…thanks for pointing out.

then vote fore it… @a______

Of course, this sounds like a nice idea of funny innovation.

However, it doesn’t make much sense for me, and also I believe CodeChef team has better things to do right now.

Yes, it would be nice to see some rankings like “who solved most problems at CodeChef” or “Who solved most hard problems” or any other such stats. These stats are always interesting.

But I don’t like your matiovation behind it and reasoning&details you are using.

If you aren’t able to practice because of lack of motivation - adding this feature isn’t going to help you much. You’d better leave it right now, because you are not going to reach good results in this case.

You said about no points for using editorial and stuff like that? So, first of all, you want to close all educative features of CodeChef for guests; are you sure about it? Moreover, knowing mentality of a lot of CodeChef users - it is not going to help you at all, because people will google solutions, people will create new accounts and so on. So on the one hand you’ll have guys in top who are cheaters from your point of view - and, on the other hand, you’ll remove from standings these who are doing well. Simply because for some reason you don’t like their way of training.

You want to make people wasting their time on looking for solutions or inventing them on their own instead of learning new things from editorials? It doesn’t sound smart. I believe that a lot of serious contestants will definitely ignore such rankings - because they are stupid.

For you competition is limited to 3 contests per month, and you need competition build-in into upsolving? I am sorry about you.

You mentioned TopCoder. They are actually handling all this stuff really horrible. There are no practice rankings at all; while entering practice room, you don’t even know which problems from this problemset you already solved; moreover, while looking at standings of practice room only - you don’t even know what problems other people actually solved within this practice room :slight_smile: That’s really a bad example.

Once again, there is some good point behind you idea, but with the way you stated and explained it - it only shows a lot of bead aspects of your preparation and competitive programming views in general.



first of all thanks for your detailed answer…

Actually I not saying it should be added or not I m just trying to discuss what will consequence if they add these things…

once again thanks…sorry for some wrong stated or you got message from it …

I seriously want to ask you …how you improve your coding skill so much please make a detailed post which can help
me…actually I have done lot of problem on codechef itself but didn’t got right track…

if you can do provide your personal contact info…Actually I really interested in coding only

But I am not getting right track …please helo I m in great trouble…

what kind of upsolving I can do how can select question…Or how can I identify way to learn within myself??

how can select which algorithm I should learn first which one later …which algo’s are most used in contest…


thanks for your review

I seriously want to ask you …how you improve your coding skill so much please make a detailed post which can help me…actually I have done lot of problem on codechef itself but didn’t got right track…

if you can do provide your personal contact info…Actually I really interested in coding only

But I am not getting right track …please help I m in great trouble…

Well, you may check my Quora answers for a lot of information about my views, my preparation etc. However, I don’t think you are doing right while asking such question to a person who solved multiple thousands of problems - it would be better to ask somebody who reached same level after solving smaller number of problems, right? :slight_smile: Because this would be a criteria of proper training scheme. Anyway, from my point of view - you solved quite small number of problems so far, and most of them are easy. Simply keep working on yourself, and you’ll improve)

Check my Quora answers :slight_smile: Briefly - learn everything you need to solve particular question; I don’t see a point in learning forehead - learn stuff when needed; try to solve harder questions, but not too hard for you at given moment; you may figure out which algorithms are most used by simply looking at some decent number of contests (if over these contest you saw algo A 20 times and algo B only 2 times - it is highly possible that A is actually used much more often).

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You may find me at Facebook - Bohdan Pryshchenko.

However, from my experience - in most cases for people who are looking for contacting me, it turns out that they don’t have any good questions at all, and they are asking stuff like “How can I become red fast?” :slight_smile: I don’t think I can help much with such questions, except from telling obvious things like “Keep working hard, blah blah blah”. Well, if you want - that’s not a big deal for me :slight_smile:

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