plz help me find the line causing the error SIGABRT (problem from shaastra comp.) Shrinking space SPACE

I have seen the same Approach getting AC. I don’t understand what i am doing wrong.
This is the first time i have seen this type of error.
Please HELP me find my MISTAKE and help me learn THANKYOU.

The problem was in the custom comparator that you made. Apparently, that’s not the correct/recommended (?) way to provide comparators for structs.

So, I just overloaded the < operator (along with the proper arguments, like const references) and your code passed all the test cases.

Here’s the link to the corrected solution.

Note–> Your approach would’ve worked if you hadn’t defined the structs to store strings. Instead, you could’ve used vector of strings and then provided the custom comparator (but only after passing the arguments as const references.)

P.S:- Next time, make sure that you include the question link and your attempted solution link in the question description.

thank you for the help
i will keep those points in mind while asking my questions .
Again thankyou masood786