Pleases upload Snackdown Elimination Round Editorials!

When will an editorial for PLUSMUL be available? (From the Elimination round just finished).

I need a bit more than a hint, after trying it from all angles :slight_smile:

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When will be the editorials of Codechef Snackdown Online Elimination round will be available?


When the editorial of Snackdown elimination round question will be uploaded? I had a tough time in that contest.

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There is wrong thing with editorials at CodeChef.

I think preparing problems and editorials need to be simultaneously, and on most contest sites it is so, and immediately after contest or maybe in one day they have publish.

Contest organizer may demand this from problem writer, why CodeChef doesn’t is unclear.

And for used problems need to add reference for editorial, it is very inconvenient to search editorials now.


The rules say that Editorials need to be published right after the contest. But why they arent followed, is something i cannot comment on.

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The Snackdown Elimination Round questions were quite standard (and tough as well :P). It would be nice to read the editorials as soon as possible.

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I think they’re working on it, as adding editorials is a cumbersome process, anyways let’s hope it’s available soon.

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True that !