please provide me a testcase

It’s showing wrong answer.

Can anyone help me that why i am getting a wrong answer or provide me a testcase where my soln fails?



2 1 1 2

Expected output:


Your Output:


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Simple solution:

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Run a loop from start to end and count number of odd numbers in array. Also note first and last index of an odd number.

if count is even, answer is N

else answer is max(N - left, right-1) (1-based indexing)

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How did you made that button?

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@kunnu120, See this sign adjacent to Bold and Italic options. Just click there and magic…

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Couldn’t ad image to comment, so posted a new answer… :slight_smile:

See answer below…

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Thank you taran_1407 (ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)


No problem. :smiley: