Please help me with this Segment Tree problem

hey any ideas for this…i have an array,i build a segment tree of that array now i have given a range of indexes and for that i have to return the value of index at which there is a max_element,suppose my array is [1,7,3,9,5] and range of index is [1,3] so my output should be 2(as on index 2 there is max element in the range (1,3)…example 2: if my array is [1,1,7,3,5] and index ranges is (1,3)(indexing 1 based) then my output can be either 2 or 3 both is fine… any help would be apprectiated.

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yeah this can be done by using segment trees.Instead of storing the maximum value,store the indexes of maximum elements in each node of the tree.

This can be easily done with Segment Trees.

You have to keep only 2 things in mind :-

  1. What to store in the nodes: Store the index with the maximum element in it.
  2. How to merge 2 nodes: Store the data of that node which has the bigger element in it.

You can refer to my code in the following link if you get stuck.