Please Help me with Python vs C

I started coding in C 4 years back and became good at it but when I started doing Data structures then I faced a lot of problems as I had to use pointers extensively. I am not very good with pointers.A few months back I found python and started working in it. It’s very easy and I could easily implement several codechef questions(beginners) easily.But today I tried solving codechef question in C and found it difficult to implement as compared to python.I am thinking of making Python as my main language and implement the entire Data structures with that.I know that Data structure is the base for getting selected in big companies.

Anyone give me some suggestions please :slight_smile:

It’s hard to use C in competitive programming. Python is a very good choice. But if you’re good in C, maybe you can try C++. It’s easy to implement data structures in C++, and you know, most of the contest programmers use C++


You must have been a good coder to use C this much. Pointers are tough and tricky, not to mention the errors they could throw!

Python is indeed a neat language, it will definitely be much better than C. But yes, you should give a shot at other languages like JAVA and C++ . I think C++ should suit your style (BTW, why did you not upgrade to C++ before? Any specific reason?)

I don’t know initially it was very difficult for me to grasp all those C and
it’s pointers related stuff.I tried using C++ and it’s quite easy as compared to C but I found Python so much easy and effective that I am already getting better at it by practising it daily.I learn by working on something a lot because of that reason I am working on several mini projects example Blackjack ,Tic tac toe games.

Yup, Python excels in this area :smiley: . Wish you best :slight_smile: