Please guide me.

Hello, these days I am trying hard to do well in online competitions but there’s one problem which I am facing in all contests, the thing is that I am not able to pass all subtasks for a problem. I am able to partially solve about 40-50% of the problems but can’t solve each subtask. Guys, please help me how to get out of this? In March challenge I tried a lot but was not able to convert partial to complete. :frowning:
Where am I lacking?Do I have to practice more?What approach should I follow? Please help.


SOLUTION : Yes , you need more practice and need to get the algos required in the problem.


  • You need to first find the problem specifications and the reason why your solution fails for some subtasks.
  • After the contest ends and the time when the editorial is published focus on the part you were lagging ....This will make you learn a lot of things
  • Learn some of the Algorithms you need mostly in the contest like Segment Tree,Dp and many more
  • The best way to learn coding is to code