please explain test case for LEPAINT

It’s very difficult for me to understand the test cases of LEPAINT. Please give explaination with a small test case.


@steniom , I am afraid nobody can because it’s not allowed to discuss the problem, try working it out

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atleast can you tell me a+b+c+d…=3.6666 , so what are a b c d… ?(in test case)

Yes. i think explanation should be given by author for atleast one test case. It may or may not be the same as given in problem statement.

Please explain the test case . How can you expect everybody to understand the problem without proper explanation.

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yeah ,explaination needed…

seriously , an explanation of the test case is needed , because In my perspective the expected value doesn’t match with the test case.

@ALL I think it’s too difficult.Why because I tried to get result of test case #1(
4 3 4
1 2

2 4

3 3

1 4
) using pen and chart paper. After second step(query) i.e after query 2 4 I got nearly 240 results.So it’s too hard to explain!

Yes. The results increases a lot. I can understand… I am getting right answer for 1st test case but slightly different for 2nd test case. No idea whats wrong.

See the test cases are given so that you can test your code’s correctness. In some cases, if the problem statement is complex, explanation for test cases is given to explain the problem more clearly.
However in this case the problem statement is basic and explanation of test cases is not required.