Please Delete

The link has been already reported to codechef.

You should have mailed it directly to codechef rather than writing here.!
The owner of the channel is helping others to cheat and you unwilling are helping him to do so by giving the link publicly here.

I dont know where to mail… can u kindly do that?

I tried to contact on facebook page too… but no response.

Remove the link above asap.

Please check the “Contact us” section of the website.

Ya i already sent mail to Copyright one.

@admin has mentioned it before that its better to report such things by mailing them rather than posting it here on discuss. By posting it here, you are not only making it difficult for the @admin to address it, but also promoting the channel (knowingly or unknowingly).

So, better mail this at feedback[at]codechef[dot]com, its given at the CONTACT US page.