Please delete my SnackDown Team.

Dear Admin,
I am really sorry I have to write this on discuss forum. But I have sent more than 25 requests to regarding deleting my team. Please delete my team with name, FansOfRajatDe , which is registered for SnackDown2017.

I have asked similar question earlier here.

The proof that I have mailed more than 25 times here


As I said here I think it should not be allowed to delete your team. But if both the team members agree then yes there should be some sort of an option for that. Codechef has not been replying to my mails either for some different issues but u may try - 1) mail different members and emails of codechef. 2) message codechef of facebook


Thats weird. I suggest you to email a few more ids found in contact list like or .

Its good that you created a thread for this case, i recommend doing both.

@mathecodician - I see your PoV too. Team member ditching can cause bad blood and some concerns, but as you said, if both members agree, they should be able to dissolve team. Anything could happen from day of deciding to team up to the day of contest. I mean, personal reasons, unforeseen circumstances…anything. So an option to dissolve team when both people agree is needed.


I believe “(L)” stands for “Leader” in the team discription. So , Leader should have that advantage :P(just kidding), but if codechef needs any sort of proof , from both of the team-mates , then I am ready to give… But let the admin reply, now there are only 7-8 days remaining in contest, I hope they help people in resolving this issues,

dude, I have mailed , so many times, Now, if admins think that their time is so important, then so is ours, I believe that if they would have wanted to solve this issue, they would have done it long ago, but they are not willing to help anyone :expressionless: ,

I feel you bro. Even i have some things to resolve, and they havent replied since 2 weeks. -_- .

@vijju123, You are the top contributor on codechef currently, According to your opinon what should I do bro ???

I am confused, I don’t want to any any stupid things like, post every where in codechef, that delete my team , on any running contest… But believe me, that might trigger them to delete my account as well…

I very well understand your perspective bro. But thing is, what else can we do? Nothing. You mailed them way too many times, you even created a thread on discuss, and atmost you can message them on FB. Or perhaps give them a call expressing your concern.

After this, it is their responsibility to quickly address the issue, because they assured you that sending a mail to them will solve your problem.

They are at fault this time, perhaps because they are facing many issues. Well, i will also try to contact them to address your issue quickly, thats all i can do :slight_smile:

@vijju123 , thanks a lot bro :slight_smile:

Snackdown should probably have easier team formation and tinkering options. The tedious process of mailing Codechef for (trivial) stuff like team name editing, team composition changing etc. could be done away with!

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I value your opinion. That’s why I like CF :slight_smile:

Hey drexdelta, We will need the request of team deletion from both the team members. Once we have the consent of both the team members, we will delete the team.


I sent a mail to and got my team deleted by a single request in a matter of few hours. Don’t know why are people facing so much problems.