Please consider my participation in PROCON junior 17

I study in a government college in my town. I am in class 12.
But since my college name is not included in codechef list of schools, my username is not displayed in the rank list when filtered for school participants.

Therefore if anyone for IIITD is reading this, please consider my participation in the contest.

Thank you.

PS: I had registered for the contest through the registration form.

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Is there no way to personally reach them? Any mail etc. given under contest details?

There were no details given under contest details so I wrote here.
After reading your comment I scanned through the contest page and found their mail id in the photo for the contest.
I have sent them a mail.

Thats a good thing you did, because a mail ensures that they atleast come across your query :slight_smile:

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Hi Ayush,
Rest assured that your participation for ProCon Jr 2017 will be considered. We will cross-reference the responses of the form you filled with the rank list to generate the finalists.

Hope you enjoyed the contest.