Please add more questions to this link

I am following link to prepare and clear my concepts in competitive programming. I am following it step by step. However, I feel there are very few questions mentioned in this link. Also, most of them are of Codechef. So, it’s my kind request to all the regular programmers here to please add a few question here[in the answer] which could be from codechef, hackerrank, spoj etc. All those questions that you feel are extremely important as fundamentals or concepts that you remember helped you in clearing and building your logic. Please add links in the answer below. Also if you feel some important ad-hoc or any other category’s question that are must-solve for a beginner then please add them here.

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I think it overlaps a lot with the DSA thread here. However, I feel the thread might go good. But managing the information will be a challenge, until and unless its added to question itself.