plagiarism in Quark-Codejam

please see these three submissions of a problem named MATKA (link: .
these solutions look similar . please do a plagiarism check on this contest.


Is this a rated contest?

I think the question is copied rather than calling solutions are plagarised. The question is present in Looking for Challenge under the name Termites with the similar code.

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Can you please explain the solution?

The solutions are clearly distinct. Some steps can be same owing to a common logic. Instead of you bothering about them being copied, why don’t you focus on your coding skills? Let Codechef do its work.

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Thanks for the advice , I will surely try to improve my coding skills. why don’t you increase your star and we will have a good competition in DIV 1 rated challenges . Good luck bro and I don’t know whether the question is duplicate or solutions are copied but the submissions look same.