The first thing I want to know is how does codechef detect plagiarism as the following three codes from the SEPT15 long challenge seem exactly same to me:

In the above three codes, one thing that is to be noted is, the first one seemed manipulative to submit the solution the PYPY instead of PYTH. The second and third codes were detected by the scanner and the first one was not as the ratings of these users suggest.

So, my question is don’t they consider laguages/ implementation with same syntax may have plagiarised codes, or it is just a mistake?

My second question is regarding these two codes, in which there is just one difference of variable name, and everything else is exactly the same:

What may be possible reason these codes got undetected? Isn’t it a setback for those who try real hard for 10 days and these people go undetected by their manipulations.

Codechef, please consider these maipulations too, this is really serious!!

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The first three are exactly same, how did the first one went undetected???!

The other two codes may have gone undetected because they are small and changing variable names might be the significant percentage of difference in the two!

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@admin kindly look into the matter! This is serious.

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Hey brad_je1, Thanks for bringing them to our notice. We will look into them and take proper action. Keep up the awesome work.

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@admin , should we expect their ratings to decrease now?