Plagiarism in ANUMLA - Very shameful

Look at these two codes - and

They should be penalized and should be banned from Codechef, since this is very shameful.
They are exactly the same, except that the other one has modified the input, to get a different running time.

It is very shameful that these people copy codes during online contests to get the reimbursement. I hope they get to learn something.



  1. This is not your original account. Please have the guts to sling mud at other people from your own account. And, I sincerely hope that you have seen this.
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  2. Littering forum with cheating cases is/has always been not required. You can always mail to [email protected] for reporting the cheating cases.

  3. There’s always the accused person’s side of story, which can be sincere explanation to what has happened.

Please stop this public defamation on the forum. Let the admins decide who is to blame.


@knb - You need not tell me what is correct and what is not. I know the rules very well!

This case should have been reported, and I must do so. I still remember the day when my account was blocked for the same reason, and another pair who copied survived just because they had made a very small diff.

This is very bad!


It’s so funny!! :smiley:

Besides the obvious ranking reasons (and ranking is very, very relative), it seems that you will get more points for making people ashamed in public just because you THINK they copied a code… You do realize that almost ALL accepted solutions used the logic above, right? Guess why, IT IS BECAUSE THE ALGORITHM was more or less unique here… The approach was more or less the same, so it’s natural that similar logics have as a result very similar codes… I say what I always say:

LEARN something from the editorial and from the problem and instead of scanning trough solutions to find “copies” make sure you can write a similar “copy” yourself next time…Seriosuly…

Are you here to learn or to make others feel bad?

PS: If this is not your original account than the entire situation is just hillarious


@kuruma: I think you are intelligent enough to understand what similar codes mean and what exact code means. Look at the two solution before saying something!

And it is not about making others feel bad, but it is about the integrity of Codechef!


You know, I would expect you to be experienced enough to check if a claim is true before disregarding or ridiculing it. I did that.

The relevant part of the codes is exactly the same, except one of them put it in the main() and the other in a separate method; apart from that, the only difference is in I/O. Just scroll down a bit in both codes and you’ll see it.


@maheshverma what @knb_dtu says is true…this is no place for reporting cheating cases…@admin has time and again said that such cases should only be reported through an email…littering Discuss with these posts is shameful!!!


@xellos0, The claim might be true and as you said: “The relevant part of the codes is exactly the same, except one of them put it in the main() and the other in a separate method; apart from that, the only difference is in I/O.”. My “issue” with this claim is that ALL codes followed this algorithm, no more no less, because this was the intended idea (just check the codes on the first pages…they all look the same…). We could argue that most experienced “cheaters” managed to switch the underlying data structures but “copied” the algorithm, right? What does this prove? imo it doesnt prove anything and we need to be aware that there are HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of these cases that are never detected…

It’s not about me not wanting Codechef community to be a better and honest one, I think everyone knows I cherish and love this community a lot, but, people are aware that such cases ARE SUPPOSED to be exposed via email…

Making a… “Wall Of Shame” in the forums and apparentely using a fake account doesn’t sound too correct to me… And it might not be everyone’s case, but, I’m here to learn not to compete and that’s maybe the reason why I worry more about the community aspect rather than with the competitive one…



Instead of claiming that two codes are same… make members aware about that mostly codes are copied from

So please if you use ideone to execute or check your codes before submitting during running contest, make sure to mark your submission “private” (not secret)

Your anger may well be justified. But, and this is my personal opinion, you seem to report more from spite than anything else. If your account was blocked earlier because of cheating, don’t try to prove yourself my attacking people in forums. :slight_smile: