Plagiarism checker should be introduced in practice area

I think plagiarism checker should be enabled into the practice area also.

If people not able to solve the problem they just go to all submission and just copy the AC solution and make their own submission.
if you go through the submission of Problem DOWNLOAD you may easily realize that almost all solutions are same. People don’t even change a single line. They did just copy paste.

@vijju123, @horsbug98, @admin have a look into this issue and please develop the plagiarism checker for the practice area.

Hope for positive response.

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I think it will be just useless headache for Codechef, and what you are expecting if codechef do the same and someone found to be guilty (although I don’t think it something to be categorized as wrong)?
Reduce their ratings? It will be simply unfair, a person didn’t get anything by copying a code for practice other than +1 in number of problems solved which I think is nobody bothered about.

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Who is @horsbug98 ?

Its good to take a look at someone’s AC solution and get an idea of the approach when you are yourself stuck, but I don’t really appreciate the idea of simply coping an AC code and making a submission, it’s like a foolish thing to do, after all you don’t gain anything. But at the same time, for difficult problems I have faced, I have found it useful to submit someone’s AC solutions with alterations and find what’s going wrong. But I don’t think it will be quite feasible to implement your idea. I mean that, lots of people make submissions everyday for tons of problems, and running the plagiarism detector for every single submission on CodeChef will be very costly, there are lots of submission for a problem in practice section unlike a contest. So, I suggest don’t care this issue much, let others copy, they will be losing it at the end of the day.

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yeah, I agree with your point of view. but still, I am not agreed with viewing and copying others AC solution. I think CodeChef should remove the option of viewing the totally AC solution and develop the discussion section for the each and every problem as the other online programming website have.

we do discussion over here. it will much better if we have a option in problem page for the discussion.
We dont have the discussion area for particular problem.

lets take a Example person x having some issue with xyz problem. he came to discussion and asked his question and got his issue solved. After some day person y faced the same problem he came to discussion section and start searching for the answer but he didn’t get the answer because he tried different phrases. after that he asked same question again.

To avoid this kind of problem CodeChef need to Develop the Discussion section for each and every problem (its my point of view)

@horsbug98 is our college official representative.

The idea/suggestion is bad - and not just because its expensive to do MOSS for the problems, but because it is of no consequence.

What if they copy paste? Will you punish them? you cant because there’d be genuine people among them who perhaps submitted the code to try some stuff out.

Look at codeforces, it maintains a leaderboard of who solved most problems - and still people copy paste and codeforces did nothing. Its a bad precedent to do anything in this regard because there is no foolproof solution to it. There are some instances where admins shouldn’t interfere and leave results to honesty of community. If one copy pastes, to cheat, then its his loss. Seeing other’s codes, especially to learn is an integral part of codechef since its inception and it shouldn’t change - its good enough.


How does it matter if there is plagiarism in practice areas? I myself often copy other programs to see and try to make them more efficient if I can, once I’ve solved it using my own concept. Plus, you fail to see the overhead of this, it doesn’t matter if people copy in this area, we don’t need to tell people how they choose to practice, right?

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It sounds like you are using progress through the practice questions as a competitive score among some group, given that you are concerned about successful submission through plagiarism. Most people wouldn’t need the check as they are using the problems to help their learning, not to compete with others.

Maybe you should ask for a “plagiarism check” button, to be run as an extra service. Then your competitors can demonstrate their progress is somewhat “honest” (or that they can beat a plagiarism check).

I might consider a proposal for checking for simple duplicates. If I am stuck and want to look at a variety of approaches, it’s a little annoying to open several submissions only to find that they are all actually the same. But basically I don’t think even that is enough of an irritant to ask for new functionality. I’d far rather have improved filtering on the submissions list.

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