Plagiarism Case Noted!!!!

Hello, I was just browsing through this user’s code who had copied solutions from me in NOV14.
He has done such a thing again. It will be evident from the following link in which he has surely copied three different solutions from three different users. Please do something in this regard, @admin .



How has he copied your solution? Did you post it on ideone?

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He had , last time. This time he didn’t copy mine but he copied someone else’s for sure(circumstantial evidence). Just wanted to bring this to the notice as it is an unhealthy practice in general


Because of such cheats many good and regular users loose their ratings. The same happened with me in OCT14.
Great work !! for exposing such cheats.


This is my code. I made it today on ideone.
You can compare the submission timings and can check the codes this guy made previously in within 7-8 minutes he submitted my code totally different code (Is this possible to make a code in just 7-8 minute)

for more proof i can give my ideone code’s link. You can cross check timing from there.


@dids_6121 Please make your submissions private on for starters.

@dids_6121 : plzz create an id on ideone and make all your submissions private so that such cheats are not able to continue their malpractices.


Okay I’ll keep in mind now onward.

@ all This mistake will not happen again.

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Please note that the discuss forum is not meant for such issues. If you notice any plagiarism cases, you may send a mail to They’ll take care and take proper action. The discuss forum is meant to help people develop their programming skills, a place where programmers help other programmers learn. Personally even i have been through such an experience in NOV14 but you can’t complain about it. Its your mistake after all, you weren’t alert enough and your code got leaked out. And ofcourse rules are rules. So from now on, try not to post such cases on codechef discuss.

I know I should ask this as a question, but I do not have enough karma points, so I’m commenting it here.

I want to know how does codechef detect plagiarism as the following three codes from the SEPT15 long challenge seem exactly same to me:

In the above three codes, one thing that is to be noted is, the first one seemed manipulative to submit the solution the PYPY instead of PYTH. The second and third codes were detected by the scanner and the first one was not as the ratings of these users suggest.

So, my question is don’t they consider laguages/ implementation with same syntax may have plagiarised codes, or it is just a mistake?

My second question is regarding these two codes, in which there is just one difference of variable name, and everything else is exactly the same:

What may be possible reason these codes got undetected? Isn’t it a setback for those who try real hard for 10 days and these people go undetected by their manipulations.

Codechef, please consider these maipulations too, this is really serious!!

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@pranjalranjan This is not about me or my code getting copied, it is about three people who went undetected for plagiarism. I’m just pointing out that the plagiarism detector at codechef is not strict enough!

That is really bad news, the same happened to me in comprar tablet no so far ago, it shouldn’t be that way but it is.