Plagiarism Again :August Cook Off

First long contest and now short contest .It’s time to take strict actions against such kind of nuisance even during Cook-Off.I would request Codechef Team to please keep check on plagiarism strictly.PLEASE


Only one thing to say, unless people get smarter and use IDE on their own system this thing keeps on happening.

PS: I know ideone is good and everything but people keeps on forgetting to set user while submitting.

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Or, they don’t even know these are happening. Some people just want the fun of solving problems. They come, solve and go. They know nothing else about what is happening around, like these incidents and discussions. I think, this is one of the main reasons, people do not to set the “user” visibility mode in ideone.

Maybe, you are right. But, if codechef has its own IDE then these type of incidents can be limited.


Thats right. But the problem is, to implement their own IDE, they need time, which I suppose, they are really short of. I know the difficulties in conducting a contest. To conduct three contests each, per month, and to see that everything runs smooth, the effort they put is mammoth. And I really wonder, how they manage all these.

But, I hope and personally wish, we can see features like these in the future, as nearest as possible.

I wonder why people have their computers for…

All this could be avoided if they tested their codes locally… It’s not that hard to write a few test case files and use command line to redirect I/O from input streams to file streams… It’s also perfectly simple and easy to setup a local IDE and compiler to write and develop code on… I really don’t see the need of using stuff like ideone…

On the other hand, if ideone is needed (like due to being at school or something like that), then, setting the visibility of the code to user, IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!! Just check a box and you’re done…

Just remember that we are here TO LEARN, NOT TO GET HIGHER RANKINGS OR MORE POINTS… Those come with time, hard work and lots and lots of practice, as it was discussed here countless times…

Finally, if cases like the above one are so common, I suggest that people simply ignore them, as there is absolutely no need to flood the boards with “useless” posts, stating that two unknown people copied each other’s code… It will be their loss and not our loss…

Besides, on the long run, we all know that people who copy codes without understanding them, can’t feel the joy we feel when we “crack” a given problem on our own (either during a live contest or thanks to editorials reading…), so, my advice on this matter is as usual: ignore these cases…

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I use ideone, only because I use a windows machine and I don’t like almost all IDEs available. This is the reason why I use Sublime Text 2 to code and ideone to run it, 95% of the time.

But sometimes, there arises situations, where ideone seems not enough. And I must switch on ubuntu (I have it installed as a virtual machine, and I don’t want to switch this on, if I can help it - lazy me) to use the wonderful terminal!

And finally, “user’s” mode is not a checkbox. It is a radio-button :stuck_out_tongue:

On Windows, I remembered I liked Codeblocks…

Since I deleted it entirely and switched to Ubuntu, I can say I’m a happier person :smiley:

The fun fact is i have Code::Blocks installed. But I am in “love” with Sublime Text 2. And in ideaone, I just need to copy the sample input to the textbox given. I don’t need to save the input file (again, the real lazy me :stuck_out_tongue: )

I am not standing for ideone. But with proper usage, this is one good option. Thats all.

And I absolutely agree with

I suggest that people simply ignore
them, as there is absolutely no need
to flood the boards with “useless”
posts, stating that two unknown people
copied each other’s code…

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any justifications…from the above users for the same code ??