php error joomla search

In my search component I’ve got the next php error:

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in D:\www\\www\plugins\search\contentadvanced\contentadvanced.php on line 235

I just don’t know what it means…

php code:

	$searchText = $text;
	if (is_array($areas)) {
		if (!array_intersect($areas, array_keys($this->onContentSearchAreas()))) {
			return array();

	$sContent = $this->params->get('search_content', 1);
	$sArchived = $this->params->get('search_archived', 1);
	$limit = $this->params->def('search_limit', 50);
line 55:	$categories = implode(",", $this->params->def('exclude_categories', array()));
	$articles = $this->params->def('exclude_articles', '');
	$showroot = $this->params->def('search_showroot', 0);

	$nullDate = $db->getNullDate();
	$date = JFactory::getDate();
	$now = $date->toSql();

Does anyone has a solution? At the joomla site I can’t find anything…

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  • your question is not related to codechef anyhow
  • the error is at line 235, you didn’t provide it
  • the object you’re trying to get property of is probably null