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My recursive soluton for this problem gives SIGSEGV, although its working for all testcases. Please help me find the problem?

Link to the solution:

Your solution is using too much memory for boundary case and it throws runtime error.

  • I just make a test case with a cycle
    of ABCDE and repeat it 20000
    . so it reached the boundry
    value. string length become 100000.
  • And it gives runtime error.
  • You can check here
  • codechef about SIGSEGV here

My code is working for the test case you mentioned. You can check
Can you point out the exact mistake in my recursive code as other codes with the same logic were accepted.

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In this add one more case of same length
I add two more case and it shows RTE here
but it is NOT showing. U check it by yourself :slight_smile: