Performance stuck

I started codechef with may long challenge. Till know I have taken part in all contest but I am unable to increase no of question I solved. My performance is constant with 2 question per challenge the only thing which is improving a time which I take to solve the problem. I attempted 2 question successfully within 12 hours of contest started in July challenge and after that I am not able to solve one more problem in 8 days.Please tell me How can I improve my performance?
I code in C but can also code in java,php and js.

Since you already code in c it would be easier for you to move on to c++. Learn and read about STL. In the practice section attempt the easy questions(sort them by number of submissions). In every contest there are about 4-5 easy questions so you must move on to that level first. Learning DP,DS and other stuff and hold on till then.

Thanks for answering.Switching to c++ is good idea but I am afraid that I will end up messing c++,java,php and js stuff.