pattern matching in LZW COMPRESSED TEXT

can anyone please tell me how to match pattern in Lempel-Ziv-Welch compressed text without decompressing the file???

You should add some information about what you mean exactly as “LZW compression”. From what I was able to google, it seems that there are several modifications, which could affect the answer.

@xellos:thanks for replying…i was reading this base paper in springer on pattern matching in compressed ,i am planning to do a mini project on pattern matching in compressed text without is a variant of classical pattern matching problem, but the base paper was very difficult to understand…so if any one could give me an idea of basic implementation of pattern matching in compressed text,it will be very helpful…:slight_smile:
given an uncompressed pattern p[1…m] and a Lempel-Ziv representation of a string t[1…N] , does p occur in t?