how to participate in codechef events???

You can get information about all the upcoming and present contests here

Hiii mohammadobaid, Welcome to codechef.

To participate in codechef contests you basically just need to have a codechef account(you have one already :)),So you can start right away from the next contest.

There are 3 basic types of contests that take place in codechef:

1)Long contest(Duration -10 days).This commences on the first friday of every month and takes place for a duration of 10 days.There are 10 problems.

2)Short Contests(generally called cook offs):This contest also occurs once per month and has 5 problems.
Time duration is 2.5 hrs.The day on which it occurs varies,(there is always a notification present in the home page that displays the next upcomming contest or the ongoing contest if there is one).

3)Lunch time contests:These are generally meant for school students though everyone are allowed to paricipate.

Apart from these there also external contests,(for which the problems are not set up by codechef).
To participate in these contests,look out for the notification in the home page …if there is an ongoing contest there will be a link bearing the name of that contst which will direct you to the contest page.

To check out the contest guidelines visit any previous contest page and learn from it.if you still have any doubt you can comment below…CHEERS HAPPY CODING :slight_smile:

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