Any ideas?

First of all it returns wrong result for number 9 - it returns ‘:’.

NZEC is probably because your a is of length 1.000.000, and there is no space for input 1.000.000 x ‘9’ I guess.

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Thanks for your reply.
How do I store those large numbers then?

Your approach seems ok to me, just resize the array from 1.000.000 to let say 1.000.010 and try to submit it again. It’s a good habit to use slightly bigger arrays in contest programming.

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I tried that… but still not working me! :frowning:

I do not see your submit, how did you try it?

I submitted the code on SPOJ. Wait I’ll submit it here.
I resized the array to 1000010.

I checked your code once again…why your left and right arrays are of length 5000? for 16000x ‘9’ it returns SEGFAULT - you didn’t try the input I suggested before…

Thanks! I didn’t see that.
I am stuck with wrong answer now :stuck_out_tongue:

for example for 998 it returns 1001, but correct is 999