output format

i am working on a program which should print the answer if any otherwise leave a blank line…how do i solve the issue

What did you try? What was the problem in code you tried? Give us some examples of input/output.

I do not understand that in contest a lot of coders complain that problem statement is not clear, but when asking some question it’s not clear at all what they want to do…

What about?

if ( do_i_have_an_answer ) printf( ... );
else printf( "\n" );

i want to print the answer if there is any otherwise leave a blank
and move to the next line for the input of the next test case…
test case 1;
test case 2;
test case 3:
/blank no output/

i hope u understand my question…please i need an answer

i just want to move the cursor to next line for the next test case in case there is no answer.

if I understood you well, you can comment else branch in previous code

// else printf( "\n" );