Output confusion for Chef and Digits

Hey there,

I am a bit confused about the output of the problem chef and digits.

Do we need to give a blank line b/w the input and the output lines or do we need to continue the output on the next line of the input??

My program is working fine for nearly all values, and I don’t think, there is a problem in the logic, output is the culprit.

Would be grateful to anybody who might help me in this.

Thanking you in advance


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I dont think extra blank line is required (because codechef judge ignores extra white spaces).

my code was also not accepted in c or c++… try JAVA

working fine for nearly all values” That by definition is not a correct answer then , For example if the answer to be printed is '4 6’and any output in the format ‘4 6’ or ‘4\n6’ will be judged correct but output in the format ‘46’ will be judged wrong as simple as that :slight_smile:


Hey, Thanks… Will try out

Okay, thanks didn’t know that…

Will try… Thanks

Great to see a higher secondary student working hard to get the second question AC…All the best kid…Hope you will achieve as what you have said in your motto…:slight_smile: