Oops! we couldn't initialize IDE. Please reload.

Hey i would like to tell that i uses codechef’s ide for my coding and from many days i am seeing this message “Oops! we couldn’t initialize IDE. Please reload.” how many day will it happen like so not only this there is also problem with forum it says “error 503…”, there is no problem with my net its very fast and i have got to this problems since 4-5 days?

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Hi @vinay1729,

Are you facing this problem every time while opening IDE ?

Also, if possible, please mail your contact detail to help@codechef.com, so we can further investigate and solve this issue.

Hi @vinay1729
It is just probably the problem with the codechef servers being too busy.I have been alos getting this error but it resolves in one or two reloads of the page.Does it gets accurately loaded for you or not after reloading?