Only 8 questions in August long contest?

Has the format been changed? its been 5 days and still no change


I also wanna know why they don’t release all problems at the same time. I think they have already known which problems they want to include before the contest, no?


The same question here!

Instead, I think the long contest problem may be not well-prepared, since the work of setter, tester and admin can be heavy sometimes.

Some long contest problem can be being prepared during the contest, so as we see that the problems can sometimes be released one by one. Then the time of problem setters will thus be more flexible.

However, the problem comes out really too late this time.


I feel that this time, somewhere the preparation got hindered. They were usually never this late for adding problems in LONG. Also, the difficulty seems weird this time, first 4 problems over 2k (too easy) and 5th problem right down to 290 (~10% of submission of 4th problem. Atleast 1 problem should be in between…


Please upvote me i want to ask a question. :slight_smile:


There is a thread where you can ask Q and get it converted. Please give forums a search.

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yeah its weird, Donno if its just me or the second one was less direct then 3rd and 4th.


I would like to apologize for adding the challenge problem so late I into the contest. We had to make sure that everything works as expected! Again, I am really sorry!

Try the challenge problem! It should not be too hard and you can easily get some points. Also, I am sorry that it was added so late into the contest. It took us quite a while to get it right.

It can take a lot of time and iterations to get a problem right. The task is even harder if you have to right a complex judge. The problems were added as fast as possible if we believed that they were correct. I am the setter of the challenge problem and I’d like to apologize for the delay.

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Hey! I viewed the challenge problem. Of course, for interactive problem where you have to make the judge, it takes time. The thing which kind of unsettled people this time is that, half of the contest is over and still all problems arent added. There is still 1 problem remaining, and half of the contest is over now. (Hope i put across the point amicably :slight_smile: )

has codechef again changed the rule for asking q on forums some time back they were even allowing 1 karma user to ask question?

Yes, it has.

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@simha , Yes I also think the same…
@alexvaleanu, We understand that u guyz are trying ur level best…SO, we dont have any complaints…:slight_smile:

Thanks for your understanding.