oneking Turboc++ and gcc !

seriouslythis is not done! codechef ! ive checked my code on turboc++ ! and its showing compilation error down here ! with gcc! help me out! what to do! its showing it doesnt have iostream.h
help! help! help!

Do with only #include iostream , for future , codechef doesn’t use iostream.h

All gcc compiler follows standard laguage and obviously Turbo C++ is not among standard compiler.I request you kindly donot use non-standard compiler like Turbo C++.

Make a habit of using GCC compilers. :slight_smile:

Turbo C++ is outdated and not GCC compliant. You can use Codechef’s Code, Compile and Run to write and run your code. Just hit Ctrl+; on the homepage and type ide in the command prompt that pops up. Also, this is a helpful guide on migrating from Turbo C++.