ODCO2016 - Editorial

PROBLEM LINK : https://www.codechef.com/ODCO2016/problems/O2CTST04

Difficulty : Easy

Problem : You are given boxes of different sizes. You need to find the minimum number of boxes into which all the boxes can be packed.

Explaination: Find the count of the number of boxes having the same size for each size. Each of the boxes having the same size have to be packed separately. So in the most optimum case, the final number of boxes will be the maximum of the count of the boxes having the same size. This can be easily found by sorting the boxes, and for each box, check whether its size is equal to that of the previous box or not. If equal, increment the value of a counter variable by 1, else if not equal, then reset the value of count. The maximum value of count obtained will be the answer.