NZEC using comparator but AC using comparable interface

I got ac using Comparable interface which I used for sorting but using comparator I was getting NZEC. Why so? Please help me out!!! here is my code using comparable interface here is my code using comparator interface
Question is Stable Market from April Long challenge

The comparisons in the two solutions are not the same. Here is your solution that gets AC using the Comparator, I have not changed anything other than the compare function.
Helpful tip: Use lambda expressions to reduce the amount of code you need to write for a custom Comparator. Your array can be sorted easily using the code

Arrays.sort(query, (s1, s2) -> {
    int block_size1 = SMarketBC.block_size;
    if(s1.l/block_size1 == s2.l/block_size1)
        return s1.r - s2.r;
        return s1.l/block_size1 - s2.l/block_size1;
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Thanks Alot!! now I got it. Thankyou for the tip also!!!