Nzec Runtym error on spoj server?

there is some problem on spoj server . Most of the users getting runtym NZEC in all languages(C,C++ etc…)… now it’s seems that same thing happening on codechef. Please check it out…

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@ab1234 : Please email your message immediately to and . Admin’s rarely look at forum’s and this is an issue only admin’s can resolve . Meanwhile i haven’t submitted anything on codechef for past many days so I have no idea about the problem .

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Agreed … getting NZEC for a previously accepted solution (on codechef ) in C … I had to do it as I was trying to check the NZEC issues for a clean C code…

i mailed the admin about this issue they r looking into it. Actually codechef is sharing the same compiler as SPOJ and SPOJ is having this problem right now in their server so as codechef…

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I would like to know if the issue has been resolved. I have been trying to do the submit a solution which should give wrong answer in case of exception,since i am printing random things in case of error, but it still is giving runtime error(NZEC).

@all issue has been resolved try to resubmit your solution spoj admins took the action…:slight_smile: