Recently I took up a problem to solve using java but it showed NZEC error on submission. Problem can be viewed here::

My solution is here. Plz take a look at it and suggest the reasons due to which I get NZEC.

Probably not a reason, but B is not int.

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what do u mean to say betlista??

he means to say that u cannot store such large values(upto 10 ^ 12) in int…!!!

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while u do parseInt()…it is mostly throwing a NumberFormatException…as the value is too large for an int in java…hence the NZEC!!!

see this code…LINK!!!

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@betlista… Turns out, it indeed IS the reason.

You are correct, my first (#2) try got TLE

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thanks kunal361…NZEC removed…but this time its TLE…help plz…