NUMPY support

is numpy supported by codechef server???

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Always to check for the availability of modules in languages on codechef platform, you can write a test program here - and check whether it works.
I checked and numpy works with both python versions but doesn’t work with PyPy as I think the PyPy team hasn’t added a stable support for numpy.

P.S: If you find any mistakes please notify.

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Codechef supports numpy when you’re using Python 3.

Not sure about Python 2.7 though.

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Damn never knew about this. Is this intentional? With numpy library available, that 10x time limit just seems too good.
It also seems scipy is available too!
@admin @vijju123 @kingofnumbers can you comment on the matter?

@nilesh3105 the default multiplier is actually 5x, not 10x. However numpy and scipy are not useful for most problems. They are useful only if you are dealing with linear algebra or FFT I suppose.